We’re always asked how we pick our routes, hikes and swimming coves. The answer: inspection voyages!

 We love voyaging with our guests. But sometimes inspection voyages are magic! It is during these Voyages that we seek out locals who may tell us about a hiking trail that brings us to a historical ruin. We also venture off those trails, and are open to the serendipity of a “wrong turn” that will let our guests experience the magic of a majestic view, maybe one that is perfect for sunset and a bottle of wine! Sometimes, everything goes as planned. Other times you need to flag down a rusted out pick up truck hauling canisters of tar and gasoline and request a lift. Seriously, this happened. And it turned out to be one of the best mishaps that could have ever happened because I really got to know Ali’s sister for the first time. I’d met her several times before, but there’s nothing like forming a friendship while doubled over in laughter and relief!

The key is not freaking out, but embracing the change.