One of my favorite parts of traveling is eating!

There are people who eat to live, and people who live to eat. I’m definitely the latter. Food is more than fuel for my travels, it is one of the reasons I travel!!

And I take all aspects of food seriously. I believe the dining experience itself can make or break a meal – not just the food on the plate. One of my favorite ways to eat is family style, so everyone can try a little bit (or a lot!) of everything. I’ve been known to create a family-style experience even when I’m out with friends at a steak house…I’ll happily share tastes and bites of whatever I’m having…and expect the same in return!  

And what can be better than sharing a wonderful meal alfresco, on the deck of a boat, with the sea breeze. Perfection.  

Through my traveling I’ve also discovered some of my favorite foods thanks to sampling local treats from around the world. Sure, you can buy an expensive meal at a renowned restaurant, but those local delights can’t be beat. One of my favorite memories from meeting our captain’s mom was when she first offered me a plate of honey and feta. I don’t know how she does it but somehow she takes what seem to be simple ingredients and mixes them in a way that I wish I could package. But how do you package sunshine? Well, we will try to show you…but I can’t promise our cooking classes will result in the same taste as that first bite of feta and honey!

Taking time to sit and savor food with good company is good for your body and soul!