There have been times when I am about to leave for a trip and I haven’t even started the laundry I need to do to pack. I mean the plane is leaving in 3 hours and I have no clean underwear. Because I’m busy. So is everyone. I have a full-time job, a father who has been in the hospital for a year, friends and family I do my best to spend regular time with, a dog who needs to pee, and my damn water main burst so WTF. I don’t have time to travel. Who has time to travel?


That’s the point.

Traveling allows you to take a break from daily routine and see a new perspective ...then take home with you the gift of renewed energy, a more open mind.

It is easy to achieve bliss surrounded in nature without distractions of everyday life. On the best vacations you return home recharged carrying home pieces of nature and peace with you. 

there are lessons to be learned from everyone, and everything. Selfcare is so important. When traveling, when living, when being. Taking care of yourself let’s you have the stable base to take care of others.

On the boat I started even learning from the ropes! One strand of fiber alone is virtually worthless. But a community of fibers wrapped together can anchor an entire yacht!

Travel is all about external experiences (new people, places, foods, languages, etc). But it is also a great time for internal change and growth and contemplation. Live in the present. Surf. Go barefoot. Launch yourself on every wave. Build sand castles. set sail. Talk to strangers. Embrace the day. Listen to the waves crashing. Hope. Live well. Find eternity in every moment.

Recharging together is a great bonding activity! Chilling with your (sibling, friend, lover, shipmate), watching (turtles, fish, the crew, goat) talking, relaxing, laughing, enjoying. Being completely present, in the now, living today. I love moments like this. No phones, no clocks, no worries. Just the sun on your back, sea under you, lush cove ahead of you, fresh air all around you, and time to enjoy it all!

I was talking to an old friend last night about why I love the Voyages so much, and I found myself describing moments like these. Yes, I love the amazing food, and the challenging hikes, and restorative yoga, and informative guiding. And of course the swimming and laughing and drinking and napping! But in a way all of that is a means to get to these moments of quiet, honest, deep introspection. I’ve been luck to have so many of these moments on the Voyages, with my salty skin being warmed by the sun as I contemplate and reconsider and create.