Meet our fitness instructors

We have guest instructors for each Voyage who teach the group classes and are available for private sessions. 

Beyond the hiking and swimming, we offer daily workouts designed to compliment our hiking with foundation-building strength training, muscle-recovery stretching and yoga. Our fitness program on board is suitable for all levels.

All of our instructors are certified fitness professionals who offer their own unique programs and flavors! Participation in activities is optional throughout the retreat. All levels are welcome!


Heidi Carignan

On deck for a 2020 Voyage

Get ready for a week of amazing energy and feel good workouts as we float through the Mediterranean. Heidi promises to take care of each and every guest on our Voyage through workouts that best fit YOU and your fitness levels. One of her favorite workouts to share is circuit training where we utilize different tools including resistance tubing, dumbbells, body weight exercises, glider discs, and much more! Working with many different fitness levels is her expertise. She wants everyone to feel comfortable that their workouts will best fit their level and the one guarantee that she will promise, is that you will be returning home stronger, healthier, and hopefully happier than when our trip first started. She will also include partner workouts and assisted stretching classes that will leave your body feeling longer and leaner.

Heidi will also be available if anybody would like special one on one workouts for more detailed individual attention. As a bonus, she is also a skin care esthetician, as our skin is our largest organ and our first line of defense. She can help pamper you inside and out, giving you a facial to help make you glow even brighter!

Her goal is to make sure your trip is more than just seeing some of the most beautiful places in the world. I hope to add to your traveling experience by bringing out the very best, happiest, healthiest YOU! 

A graduate of University of California, Davis, Heidi Carignan has over twenty years of fitness expertise. She began her fitness journey by receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Physiology. Heidi has traveled through many different states representing Speedo, Reebok, and Gold’s Gym as their fitness educator and presenter. Specializing in everything from private training, and group exercise classes, to stretch, and aqua exercises, Heidi is passionate about helping people lead healthier, more fulfilled lives. She is also available for In-Home Personal Fitness Programs and Specialized Nutrition Advice.


Jennifer Dapper

On deck for a 2020 Voyage

Jen is excited to join us for her third voyage with Sun Fun You! With 23 years in the fitness industry as an elite personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and yoga teacher, she can cater to all guests fitness levels. Jen was recently honored as the Los Angeles Classpass Instructor of the Year 2018 for her experience and expertise teaching many different formats of group fitness. Jen has also furthered her skill set and education to help broaden her client base as a Holistic Health Practitioner, Functional Range Conditioning Coach, Certified Massage Therapist and offers Corperate speaking engagements.

Through proper controlled corrective training and a strong yoga practice, she provides a safe and effective program to challenge, motivate, and inspire clients to reach their goals. With her guidance and education, Jen helps clients through program progression, proper alignment, injury prevention, sports performance, weight management, mobility training, and nutritional coaching for a balanced and healthy lifestyle. 

Jen is active teaching events in her community and has been a member of a competitive Outrigger Crew in Marina Del Rey CA for five years and is in her third year as a National Brand Ambassador for Athleta. 

  • Voted Best Classpass Instructor 2018 LA/OC

  • National Academy of Sports Medicine -PT, CES, PES, FNS 


  • Institute of Integrative Nutrition 

  • Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist 

  • 200hr RYT

Sydney Doolittle

On deck for a 2020 Voyage

Sydney was born for Sun Fun You Mediterranean Voyages, and her time with us proved it! She has the professional training, the love of nature, and the jones for traveling. Certified as a Personal Trainer through National Academy of Sports Medicine, Sydney Doolittle has worked in various gyms over the years. She has experience training athletes of all ages and abilities and focuses on explosive power, strength, conditioning, flexibility, and nutrition education. 

Sydney has been an avid yoga practitioner since she was a young girl; her father owns and teaches at Rising Sun Yoga, a renowned yoga studio in Buffalo, NY. As a former gymnast turned coach, sharing her love of yoga by teaching others was a natural transition. She obtained an Anusara-based yoga certification at Vital Yoga in Denver, CO where she studied with John Friend and Desi Springer.

When she’s not teaching yoga, she is adventuring outside! She has worked as a ski and snowboard instructor in Breckenridge, CO and Jackson Hole, WY, and has led fitness adventures in Colombia and Costa Rica. In the summer, when not with us, she leads hiking and biking trips in Glacier National Park for the active travel company, Backroads. As an avid snowboarder, hiker, biker and all around outdoor enthusiast, loves sharing her passion for overall health, wellness and physical fitness with all who are interested.

Sydney will also be available for private sessions for anyone who just can’t get enough!

Aislyn Griffin 

On deck for a 2020 Voyage

Aislyn’s fitness journey started on a cold, dark January day in New Jersey back in 2005. After adopting a new healthier lifestyle and spending a semester in London, she discovered her passion for fitness as well as travel. Hence her decision to become a certified personal trainer and work with her fellow expats in Istanbul, Turkey. She has dabbled in many different areas of the fitness world from yoga, the gym rat life, a bit of surfing, and hiking to her main loves of running, Crossfit, bodyweight training, and boxing. If there is a way to get the body moving, Aislyn is on it. Toss in some sunshine and fresh air and that’s her perfect day. All with a positive, self-loving outlook. That’s why she is so excited about her journey with Sun Fun You Mediterranean Voyages.

Aislyn’s core fit philosophy is that we need only our bodies and minds to improve physical strength. We don’t need machines because we are the machines! She will also add in some basic equipment and the great outdoors as strength training tools to keep things mixed up and fun. She trains clients of all ages, levels, and abilities to go within themselves to find the motivation and determination they need to meet the demands of their personal fitness style and lead healthier lives. When she’s not training her clients or herself, Aislyn enjoys finding good coffee and hanging out with her Siberian Husky.

Keri Louise Grey

On deck for a 2020 Voyage

Keri-Louise Gray specializes in lifestyle coaching and Sivananda yoga.

During her years of working in a corporate recruitment environment in London, she undertook a course of study for massage and physiology and stress management, qualifying with an ITEC Diploma in 2000. Keri was lucky enough to work for a number of leading hotels and spa’s in London, including One Aldwych, Kensington Gardens and for celebrity trainer Matt Roberts.

Taking a sabbatical in 2003 she traveled to Grass Valley, Nevada City via San Francisco and completed her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training. Immersed in an ashram environment, she was taught in the gurukula teaching system living alongside her Swami. Studying and practicing yoga and meditation in its many aspects, including Bhakti, Karma, Raja, Kundalini, as well as the more recognized Hatha yoga.

In 2007 she completed an additional course of study with the Yoga Bugs organization. Keri also teaches children’s yoga to LIVELY groups of 3-7 year olds! 

Over the years she has delivered classes to groups, individuals and children, as well as designing classes for the work place. She has attended workshops with a number of leading teachers including Katy Appleton, Sarah Powers and Duncan Wong.

Her classes are suitable for all levels and she is trained to make appropriate adjustments depending on experience. A lively teacher, she incorporates the power of positive thinking and breath into her body work. She lives with her family in Dorset in the UK, from where she runs her coaching and styling business.

Mary Hardwick

from Inspire2tri
On deck for a 2020 Voyage

Mary knew she’d be able to handle the demands of being an instructor for us, she just didn’t expect to love it so much! Mary’s specialty is swim and run coaching/teaching on the sports side (from beginners through to Great Britain Age Group athletes) and from a fitness perspective its Core Conditioning, Functional Movement and Aerobic Fitness. So, it seems like a match made in heaven to have her instructing fitness on a boat surrounded by water!


After a career in the corporate and academic worlds, in 2012 Mary returned to her passion of fitness and is the Founding Director of Inspire2tri, a small, specialized fitness, rehabilitation & coaching company, established in October 2011 born from a deep passion for a personalized approach to all things fitness, rehabilitation and multi-sport for every age and ability.

In addition to working in Sports Governance, she is a Level 3 British Triathlon Coach with special interests in Open Water Swimming and Run & Bike biomechanics. Mary competed at Great Britain Age Group in Sprint Triathlon until 2011 winning metals at both European and World level, and becoming World Age Group 50-54 Sprint and Aquathlon champion in Beijing in 2011. She has since completed the Taupo (NZ) Ironman Triathlon in under 14 hours and swum Windermere Lake end to end (10.5 miles). 

Mary has completed 17 half marathons and 10 marathons and has won gold and silver medals at the English Concept Indoor Rowing Championships in the Age Group event.
Oh, and in her earlier life she was the Leicester University Sports Personality of the Year, & President of Sports and Captain of Junior England Ladies Cricket Team—so she knows a thing or two about team sports too! 

Mary’s approach to our week of fitness will be personalized to the participants and will use all of the wonderful natural features of our environment including her own brand aqua-aerobics in sheltered coves and stretching and circuits on-land under the stars!

Forrest Kolaski

On deck for a 2020 Voyage

With Forrest, you’ll find what you’re made of. His passion for fitness is spawned from a love of activity and healthy living. Don’t be surprised to find yourself reaching a bit further when with him because he often has that effect on people. Whether it’s the courage to make that leap from the boat into the Mediterranean Sea or to climb the last leg of a hike, Forrest will be right there with you smiling and supportive.

As an athlete Forrest has been an acrobat, competitive freestyle snowboarder, won a national championship as a Rugby player and the list goes on. After teaching and coaching for three years in the private school system, he set off to make training and coaching his full time gig. Forrest is certified through The National Academy for Sports Medicine as a Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist. He is the owner of Forrest Fitness LLC his private training studio in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. His motto “grow strong, live healthy.” speaks to his holistic approach to fitness. While combining mobility, balance and strength as part of a comprehensive program, Forrest gives each of his clients a path to get more out of life! 


Rebekah Marcano

On deck for a 2020 Voyage

Rebekah Marcano, owner of Define Personal Fitness, studied dance at Columbia College Chicago. She has been a personal trainer in the Chicago area since 2001 designing wellness programs, group workout classes and personal training at corporations including:  Blue Cross Blue Shield, NAVTEQ/Nokia/Here North America LLC.Rebekah is currently on the Wellness team at the Road Home Program at Rush University Medical Center teaching Mindful Yoga several hours a month to veterans enrolled in the intensive outpatient program and outpatient program.

  • Rebekah has a 300 hour certification in Trauma Sensitive Yoga from the Justice Resource Center in Boston.

  • As a part of her Mindfulness training, Rebekah has completed an 8 week course in Mindful Based Stress Reduction (U Mass Medical School)  and completed a five day Silent Retreat.

  • Staying current with her life long study of body movement, Rebekah received her Integrative Movement and Corrective Exercise certification in November 2017.

 Rebekah enjoys spending her time exploring movement arts such as tai chi, ballet and salsa dancing.  Movement should make you smile is the motto she lives by and encourages clients with. Tailoring workouts per individuals is her specialty. “Every client is different, and every day is different.” Rebekah has a gift for creatively designing the exact workout for the individual with her well rounded background and experience.

Katie Peterson

On deck for a 2020 Voyage

Katie Petersen ( is a force with an extraordinary heart who has touched so many people with her gifts. She is as knowledgeable as she is passionate about movement and our bodies.  Katie is a kettlebell guru, cutting edge nutritional coach, and is recognized as the “trainer’s trainer”.  She is more than a motivator — she is a guide, a healer, and a woman who influences anyone who works with her to make life long change. Her compassion, and deep respect for her work translates into some of the best physical/spiritual experiences you will ever come across.  Katie sees the athlete inside of everyone and utilizes physical fitness to embody confidence, strength, and resilience.  Potentiating whole wellness through mind-body-spirit connection is a gateway for empowerment far beyond the gym floor. 


She has been training professionally since 2006.  She believes the body loves to play.  Each workout is a fusion of movement practices: from yoga flows to barbell deadlifts, we practice soft and strong!  She had the privilege of working with incredibly skillful teachers who helped shape her own training philosophy. She believes that we don’t become better by just going through the motions; we expand through mindfulness and intentional action. As a perpetual student, her studies have bridged into energy work, consciousness expansion and shamanic practices.  She sees these tools to be part of the same embodiment evolution.  When we approach the body with greater awareness, and aren’t afraid to turn away, deeper life messages are revealed.  (Katie is available for 1-on-1 Shamanic Healing sessions).  The better we can tune into our bodies, the better we can show up in the world.  Human Fitness is not just about exercise…it is how we stand up in our bodies, the food we feed ourselves, the care we give toward our desires, and the words we choose to say to ourselves.  This is life-long practice and passion meant to be shared!

Michael Sutton

from Rising Sun Yoga

On deck for a 2020 Voyage

Michael is the founder and director of Rising Sun Yoga. He is a certified and registered Hatha and Iyengar-based yoga teacher and a martial arts instructor. He lives a holistic lifestyle – practicing yoga, meditation, visualization, smart eating, staying fit and having a healthy outlook on all that occurs in life. Michael believes that thoughts are as powerful as anything you put into, or let come out of, yourself.

He has had the opportunity to experience many injuries including torn ligaments and tendons, ripped muscles, broken bones, fractured ribs, and vertebral problems as a result of engaging in team sports. He finds the only benefit to having experienced these injuries is that he understands what others feel, can teach people how to move properly, help re-align and balance them, and assist them in regaining a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

As a practicing herbalist, Iridologist, and health consultant, he has learned to address issues holistically and has continued his education in key health related areas, conducted extensive research through topic related books and as a result, has had the professional privilege of helping many people. He also presents health-related topics to organizations and various groups with his sister, Mary Ann Amschler, RN.

For much of his life, he studied martial arts (for 33 years) before being introduced to yoga in 1999. Before then, he worked in the banking and software industries for 20 years.

Michael founded Rising Sun Yoga to help people change the(ir) paradigm, bring people together in community, and create a center for education in body, mind, and spirit. His classes can be slow and even, mindful and steady, or strong and flowing. All of them give you the opportunity to explore and stretch your boundaries. He is a Yoga Alliance (YA) e-RYT 500 hour certified yoga instructor.

Michael joined the Sun Fun You Mediterranean in 2015 as a guest, when his daughter, an outdoor wilderness guide, a YA 200 hour certified yoga instructor, adventure seeker, world traveller, and ski instructor, was our Instructor. He loved it so much he came back to instruct himself the next year!