Our Voyages start and end at islands with airports (Kos, Rhodes, Samos). That’s important, obviously, so our guests can reach us! However, the rest of the Voyage is spent hopping among small Greek Islands and secluded coves.

We love exposing our guests to these gems, and bringing our business to these locals. I was challenged to pick my top five (sooo hard!) so here you go!

  • My favorite, and everyone who’s ever been there’s favorite, is elegant and whimsical Symi. What a gem of an island. The harbor is like an amphitheater, with buildings rising up the walls of the mountains. There are iconic windmills, adorable boutiques, great hikes and generally an unmatched vibe.


  • I refer to adorable Tilos with its peaceful harbor “Cat Island” because of all the friendly cats. The water here is crystal clear, its mesmerizing to watch the waves whisking up over the colorful pebbles. I have dreams of renting a place here for a few months and writing a novel!


  • There’s nothing quite like Nisyros. There is a “young volcano” as the centerpiece of this island, and the centerpiece of our visit here. It smells like a geyser, that unmistakable smell of sulfur. And it feels a bit like we’re visiting the moon!


  • Spiritual Patmos with the Cave of the Apocalypse and monastery dedicated to Saint John. The long climb up Patmos to two pilgrimage sites is spectacular. It is challenging, but gorgeous, lined with eucalyptus trees and full of panoramic views of the harbor below, and windmills and monastery above. The monastery is one of my favorite places to sit and enjoy the breeze. And, the shopping nearby is unparalleled.


  • Lush Leros with its impressive castle. The sunset hike up to the castle on Leros is many guests’ absolute favorite—not just from their time with us, but EVER. To sit in the shadow of castle from the crusades and watch the sun set over the harbor is spectacular!

We also visit lots of other hidden coves and remote islands as part of our Voyage, each more beautiful than the last. I’ve heard there are 777 Greek Islands, and we’re just scratching the surface!