Rope Swing

Feeling like a kid again! 

Cliff Diving

Natures Playground! 

Jumping, diving, leaping off the boat into the crystal still waters of a cove is such a fun and freeing experience. It’s a trust fall between yourself and the world. And, the world has you each and every time. 

I’ve never been bull riding, but I imagine it’s like tubing, especially when our captain is pulling the tube! I really miss tubing! I have a chronic tubing injury 🤣 so I can’t go anymore. It’s been years now of watching guests partake while I sit on the sidelines.
But, truth be told, I love watching everyone!!
The befores vary. Some people clamor to go first and beg our captain and Ali to go as fast as possible.
Others are quaking in their suits, intimidated as all get out of tubing in the open sea!!
The durings are hysterical! Screaming and laughing we can hear back on the #gulet clear across the sea!
The afters are the best. Huge smiles! War stories of how the captain wasn’t able to tip them! Gratitude for another amazing experience!