Something pretty cool happened in Chicago last month. I had two guests coming to visit at two different times…both of whom I met on a Voyage. When I started this whole SFY thing, I wanted to bring some of my ideas about travel to life. I didn’t realize that I would meet people who would change my life and be part of it forever

There is a chemistry to our Voyages that is really special. People from all around the world, different ages and backgrounds, who had never met before. And, in a matter of days they're goofing around and full of laughter and so much joy they're actually jumping!!

I have people ask all the time: is it weird to join a Voyage with a bunch of folks you don’t know? The answer is: No!

The funny thing about travel friends is that you can end up with friends all over the world, whom you love just as much as some of your closest friends from home. One picture, one bite of food, one flower, one anything that reminds you of the trip makes it feel like that person is right next to you.