I have this friend, Rebekah, who is a Latin dancer. She’s amazing. Every time I see her preform I am entranced by her ability to combine strength and grace, precision and flow. I convinced myself I could never be like her. No way. Why try?

But then I realized something. Dancing make her come alive. She LOVES dancing. She’s done it for years and that’s how she’s so good at it. I love dancing…usually it’s just in my kitchen or after wine with friends…but why am I limiting myself? Why not have more fun with it? Now, I am in no way saying I am going to be close to Rebekah’s talent…but I want to challenge her for the joy!

One of my favorite parts of the Blue Voyage is the Turkish dance lesson we do onboard. The crew is really committed to helping us all learn. And the joy of dance and laughter and being free and silly is contagious. Even those guests who opt out at the beginning are tying on sequenced scarves and kicking their legs by the end. And if you’re really lucky, Rebekah may join us.