I love travel that challenges me physically. I am in no way a fitness fanatic, but there’s something exhilarating about proving to yourself that you can accomplish with your body what your mind set out to. Surf camp, yoga retreats, trekking excursions, I’ve done them all. I’m also a control freak and could never understand why so many of the adventures I signed up for were one-size-fits-all. Not everyone is one size!

That was one of the main reasons I started SunFunYou. I wanted a vacation with physical challenges that were right for me based on what I wanted to do that day. So I made it. All sorts of variety to be explored as you wish!

We have some more typical workouts, lead by a certified trainer. The workouts vary based on the instructor and the group, but one thing never changes: they are 100% optional! We love when everyone participates, and we’re okay when no one does. The workouts are meant to supplement the trip, not be the focus of it!

And we love our hikes! Each Voyage has several hiking opportunities, and there is usually one tough one, a couple medium ones, and a few easy ones. The hikes vary based on the itineraries, and just like the workouts are always optional. We’ve had fun hikes when all 16 of us go together, and we’ve had great hikes when Ali takes one guest privately. The hikes are a key part of the off-the-beaten-path experience, but they’re not for everyone!

And then playtime!  We have so much fun swimming, dancing, rope swinging, SUPping, kayaking, diving, paddle ball, and just goofing around. The make-up and frequency of the playing is determined by the guests, weather and overall vibe.

Leaving a vacation feeling good physically is too infrequent an occurrence. And we believe that’s an important goal for each Voyage. But I don’t think being active should get in the way of the other important things. Probably more important: you can’t have abs that are too sore to laugh!