It wasn’t that many years ago that I was debilitatingly afraid of heights. And I mean debilitatingly. I had this fear my entire life. I’m actually not sure if I was born with it or if something happened at some point that somehow changed my brain or heart or wherever it is that phobias and fears reside. This fear impacted me and those around me several times.

  • There was the time my friends are I were climbing trees. Normal childhood activity, right? I’m sure you all have memories of climbing trees, scraping knees, laughing. I’m sure your adventures didn’t result in koala gripping a tree, and forcing your friend’s dad to run from the shower (in bare feet, soapy hair and a towel around his waist) to help you get down!

  • There was the time my stepdad threatened to have the fire department bring a helicopter to rescue me from Camelback Mountain when I had scampered up a ledge I refuse to scamper back down again. It was like dueling phobias: my fear of heights or my fear of being a nuisance and causing trouble to strangers. Apparently, my people pleasing instincts are strong enough to sleigh my survival instincts…

  • The most embarrassing travel experience I had was in Germany. My friend thought it would fun to do a ropes course. He knew me through work so assumed I was a badass. He had no idea that I would completely freeze, grasp a tree, and scream for help!

So believe me when I say I understand all adventures are not for everyone! One of my favorite parts of my role at SunFunYou is that I do my best to ensure the adventures are right for each person – whatever that means. The hikes are amazing, but I don’t want to finish first. I want to hang back with the person who wants to take it slow and steady. And the water is amazing and beautiful, but if it takes you a couple of days to be able to jump in, that’s cool. I’ll stay on the boat with you, and hold your towel when you’re ready. But the one thing I will never do, ever, (thanks to yet another fear…brought on by a Wonder Women episodes from the 1980s…thanks Linda) is scuba dive at night. Some fears are just meant to be.