(CHICAGO, IL) July 23, 2015  – On June 20, 2015, Mediterranean Delights Fitness Voyage launched their first-ever giveback program in recognition of UN World Refugee Day. The company, specializing in hyperlocal, custom travel in the Mediterranean, was founded by Cynthia Paulauskas, an online media business woman and travel blogger who grew up in Beverly Hills and now lives in Chicago.

“I’ve been fortunate to travel the world and my favorite places to be are with friends eating local food, exploring off-the-beaten-path and exercising together in Turkey and Greece,” said Paulauskas. “With all of this vitality and joy, we’ve been successful enough now to add a giveback program to our thriving family-style company.”
Mediterranean Delights Fitness Voyage was founded in 2014. Here’s what they’re doing to give back: Donating 10% of 2014 revenue to rescue.org, an organization helping the Syrian refugees in Turkey and Syria

Donating voyages for fundraising to Spark Ventures (http://sparkventures.org)
Supporting with their on-board fitness instructors in creative ways to give back to their chosen causes including Inspire2tri, TC Boostand SneakerTree

To date over $20,000 in cash and kind has been given. Since its founding, Mediterranean Delights Fitness Voyage has been on nine voyages, with five more planned in 2015 and fourteen planned for 2016.